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William Tyler - Whole New Dude

Stunning, relentless, celestial country, sounds like the child of Willie Nelson and Fairport Convention and Television. From a record coming out next month. 

Loving this..


Beck and his Morning Phase are the artist of the weekend.

I asked our oldest, Jessica, if she liked this record. she said “it’s too country for me” i get that.

but i love the country vibe, particularly on this song, it could have been written by Graham Parsons.

and the pedal steel and the harmonica. oh my.

Didn’t think I’d enjoy this song as much as I did. Must give the album a listen.

(Source: theguywithnofuckingtattoo)



War b/w Merry Christmas Baby
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Columbia Records/USA (1986)

Bruce is the artist of the weekend and this seems like a good choice given the time of year

Oh, Bruce Springsteen in the eighties! Thank you for reminding me Fred Wilson.